Brachial Neuritis Lawyer

Brachial Neuritis Lawyer

Tetanus, flu and HPV vaccinations may cause brachial neuritis, a serious nerve disorder affecting the shoulders and upper arms. Compensation for injuries and damages are available through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for victims of vaccine-related brachial neuritis.

Influenza, HPV and tetanus vaccinations have been linked to the development of brachial neuritis, an inflammatory nerve disorder causing severe shoulder weakness, pain, stiffness and potentially, paralysis. In fact, injection of vaccines into the shoulder may be responsible for as much as 15 percent of brachial neuritis cases. Research indicates that vaccine-induced brachial neuritis results from a powerful, inflammatory reaction to vaccine toxoids called endotoxins. Although these toxoids have been biologically deactivated, they still provoke the immune system into reacting abnormally. In addition to flu, tetanus and HPV, other vaccinations known to cause brachial neuritis include hepatitis B, pertussis and diphtheria.

Physicians may refer to brachial neuritis by other terms, such as brachial plexopathy, brachial neuropathy, brachial plexus neuropathy or Parsonage-Turner Syndrome. If your diagnosis describes your condition in one of these terms and you recently received a vaccination injected into the arm, you may be eligible to file a brachial neuritis vaccine injury claim to obtain compensation for your injuries.

Symptoms of Brachial Neuritis

If you experience a sudden, stabbing, severe pain in the shoulder of the arm you received a vaccination, this could indicate the onset of brachial neuritis. People diagnosed with brachial neuritis that is clinically attributed to a tetanus, HPV, flu or other vaccination usually report stabbing pains not sooner than two but no later than twenty-eight days of receiving the vaccination.

Progressive numbness, weakness and stiffness follow the  initial shoulder pain. Gradually, these symptoms improve, but improvement is slow and can take up to two years before brachial neuritis patients are asymptomatic. Unfortunately, many of the brachial neuritis patients who end up filing a brachial neuritis claim have suffered irreversible partial paralysis or extreme weakness that significantly limits their range of motion.

Chronic Health Issues Due to Brachial Neuritis

Severe shoulder/upper arm pain, partial paralysis, lack of sensation, and pain affecting either side of the body may prevent someone with brachial neuritis from working and earning a living. It can also reduce a victim’s quality of life and cause psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. When proven by an experienced vaccine injury lawyer, health problems like these may be compensable under laws established by the VICP.

Advantages to Hiring a Brachial Neuritis Vaccine Lawyer

An experienced vaccine injury lawyer is skilled in proving cases of vaccine-caused injuries by painstakingly presenting the natural evolution of their client’s health condition following administration of a specific vaccine. Compensation provided by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is awarded for pain and suffering, loss of past and future earnings, medicines and medical fees and, if applicable, long term care and assistance. While the VICP allows people to file vaccine injury lawsuits in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims without a lawyer, experts strongly recommend those affected by vaccine injuries seek out a vaccine injury attorney specializing in vaccine injury cases who is also admitted to practice before the court of Federal Claims.  

Schedule an initial consultation with one of our brachial neuritis vaccine lawyers, you will be informed whether your case contains the essential elements necessary to be successful. Experienced vaccine injury lawyers know almost immediately upon hearing the details of a vaccine injury, if the situation does indeed warrant a lawsuit that should be filed in the VICP.

If we think you have a case, we will accept your case and represent you throughout the process of filing and arguing your vaccine injury case in court, at no cost to you.  You will never pay our firm any of your money.

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