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Reports of the flu vaccination causing serious spinal cord inflammation, or transverse myelitis, has led to claims filed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Find out how you may be eligible for compensation due to a transverse myelitis vaccine injury.

A neurological disorder produced by sectional inflammation of the spinal cord, transverse myelitis, causes nerve damage by destroying myelin, a substance essential for insulating nerve cell fibers. Myelin also facilitates communication between spinal cord nerves and nerves throughout the body. Interference with normal nerve communication not only impairs nervous system functioning but leads to permanent nerve damage due to lack of myelin.

Flu vaccinations formulated to provoke immune system reactions by stimulating T-cells into manufacturing more antibodies may cause transverse myelitis. For reasons not yet known by doctors, these vaccine-created antibodies attack myelin protecting nerve cell fibers. Nearly 3 out of 10 cases of transverse myelitis may be, in fact, caused by an adverse reaction to a vaccination.

Symptoms of Transverse Myelitis

Sudden onset of weakness and intense pain in the lower back accompanied by tingling in the feet and toes usually progress rapidly to worsening symptoms, such as inability to control bowels, urinary retention and, in some cases, paralysis. Depending on the area of the spinal cord affected, some people may suffer respiratory issues as well.

While some people recover from symptoms of transverse myelitis without experiencing future health issues, others will suffer irreversible impairments severely limiting their mobility and reducing their quality of life.

Why Transverse Myelitis Develops

Doctors are not sure what causes transverse myelitis but suspect it stems from inflammation in spinal cord nerve fibers. This inflammation is thought to arise from atypical immune reactions or viral infections. Some reports indicate the rabies and chickenpox vaccination may be responsible for development of transverse myelitis. In addition, since researchers think viral infections such as influenza and hepatitis A may cause transverse myelitis in rare cases, it follows that flu and hep-A vaccinations could also be responsible for transverse myelitis.

Treatment for Transverse Myelitis

Similar to many spinal cord disorders, no cure exists for transverse myelitis. Treatment consists of reducing inflammation of the spinal cord with corticosteroids and managing the debilitating symptoms. A key aspect of treatment involves maintaining the person’s body functions to encourage partial recovery. In some cases, transverse myelitis patients may be placed on respirators if breathing is significantly affected. Placement in rehabilitation centers may be necessary, if only minimal recovery is achieved. For people who do recover, physical therapy is often necessary to help regain muscle strength and range of motion.

What Type of Compensation Could I Obtain if an Experienced Vaccine Lawyer Wins My Vaccine Injury Case

Compensable vaccine injury claims, involve injuries incurred as a result of an adverse reaction to a vaccine.The reaction can be minor or severe, but it must cause the victim a severe enough injury that the victim continues to experience problems for at least six months, the victim has surgery during an inpatient hospital setting, or the victim dies.

Vaccine injury compensation awards include compensation for pain, suffering, and anguish that the victim suffered in the past and may suffer in the future, unpaid medical bills and other unreimbursed, out of pocket costs, wages lost due to the victim’s inability to work or to find future employment. Damages considered worthy of compensation and obtainable by a transverse myelitis lawyer in vaccine injury cases include:

Unreimbursed, out of pocket expenses – all medical expenses accumulated by a victim in vaccine injury cases, including medications, supportive care, home modifications, and other costs that are incurred as a result of a vaccine injury, are justifiably compensable. Estimated costs of any future medical care are also included in a compensation package in many cases.

Income from employment – vaccine injury victims may receive compensation for lost wages in the past and possibly also future wages the victims cannot earn due to their inability to return to work after their illness. The legal term for compensation involving income is called ” loss of earning capacity” and will be fully explained by your experienced vaccine injury lawyer.

Pain, suffering, and anguish – a seasoned vaccine injury lawyer will argue and prove that your pain, suffering, and anguish demands should be compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Types of compensable pain, suffering, and anguish include the pain a victim has experienced, the anguish, worry, and anxiety they have experienced over the loss of their previously healthy life and the miserable road to recovery that awaits them, and even the loss of their pre-injury ability to participate in fun and exciting hobbies and activities that they can no longer do.

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