Car Wrecks

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Being involved in a car wreck can be devastating. Not only is it inconvenient, it can also cause permanent injuries and damages that have a profound effect on those involved. In a wrongful death case, the emotional and financial distress can be catastrophic.

Car Wreck Q&A

Thankfully, car wrecks are not something that people experience on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. Because of that, however, when a car wreck does occur it can leave a number of unanswered questions.

These can include questions like:

• Who is going to pay for my medical bills?
• What do I do about my lost wages?
• Should I speak with the insurance company or not?
• The insurance company wants a statement; what should I do?
• How can I see a doctor if I have no insurance?
• Who is going to pay for the repairs to my car?

The answers to these questions and many others depend on the specific facts of the car wreck, and it takes an experienced litigator who has experience in handling these types of cases to evaluate the facts and provide the answers. By and through handling hundreds of car wrecks over the years, Howie Law, PC has developed that experience.

Car wrecks in Texas are vigorously defendants by insurance company lawyers. The lawyers working for the insurance companies and the insurance company adjustors who hire them have one specific goal – to make sure that those who are injured or killed in a car wreck do not receive just compensation. The insurance companies will employ all sorts of techniques that are designed to gain an advantage once litigation ensues. Their strategy is simple – Deny, Delay, Defend.

Insurance Companies & Car Accidents

In nearly every instance, the insurance company of the “at fault” driver is the first to find out about a car wreck. This is because insurance companies require that they be “notified” of a car wreck immediately after it happens. The entire purpose of this notification requirement is to afford the insurance company the opportunity to begin shaping the case to benefit its insured. This includes taking recorded statements to “pin down” those involved in the collision.

Insurance adjustors are trained to ask “trick questions” which are designed to either:

1) aid the “at fault” driver to escape liability;
2) help place some blame on the other individuals involved in the collision; and/or
3) minimize the injuries and damages caused by the collision. If you have been involved in an automobile collision, you should never, under any circumstances, agree to give a recorded statement until after you have spoken to an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of cases. While there may be reasons to give a recorded statement, this is not a decision that you should ever make on your own.

What to do Following a Car Accident

After a car wreck occurs, it is imperative that evidence be preserved. Vehicles get repaired or totaled and sold at auction; evidence left at the scene of the collision (skid marks, gouge marks, parts of vehicles) disappears; memories of the witnesses who observed the collision fade.


Once this evidence is gone, it is nearly impossible to recreate that evidence. The only way to be sure this evidence is properly preserved is to act quickly and retain a law firm that has not only handled these types of cases but is also financially able to take whatever steps necessary to preserve the evidence.

On the Scene Experts

Many insurance defense firms have an “emergency response team” that is on the scene of serious motor vehicle collisions within hours. These teams include photographers, private investigators, and even accident reconstructionists. If the law firm that you retain cannot afford (or does not know how) to retain its own experts and get them on the scene immediately, you are at a tactical disadvantage once the lawsuit is filed.

Having handled hundreds of car wrecks involving injuries ranging from soft tissue to death, Howie Law, PC has developed the relationships with experts that are necessary to preserve evidence and begin developing case themes immediately after collisions occur.

Medical Care After Car Accident

Many people in this country are not blessed with the benefits of health insurance. After a car wreck, those that are injured must receive the proper medical care and treatment. Failing to receive the proper medical care can result in irreparable harm by further injury, improper healing, and extended and unnecessary pain and suffering.

Insurance company lawyers know that many people who are injured in a car wreck do not have health insurance and simply cannot afford to pay for medical care. This means that the injured do not go to doctors to have their injuries evaluated and be properly treated. The insurance company lawyers routinely argue that if someone does not go to a doctor, then they must not be injured. Obviously, this is just not true.

Medical Expenses Related to Car Accident Injury

Howie Law, PC recognizes the importance of receiving proper medical care and the difficulties caused by the significant expense associated therewith. If necessary, Howie Law, PC can help those who have been injured in car wrecks by getting them in contact with competent, board certified medical doctors who will provide medical care in exchange for an agreement that they be paid for that medical care out of any recovery from the lawsuit.

Treating physicians

Not only is this in the best medical interests of the client, these physicians play a very important role in an ensuing lawsuit. Treating physicians are used as experts to document the signs and symptoms of injuries, diagnose those injuries, and develop a plan for treating those injuries. This evidence, in the form of medical records and direct testimony, is crucial for the development of damages in a lawsuit.

The aforementioned is just a small window into the complicated nature of these cases. That is why it is imperative that a car wreck victim retain a competent and experienced lawyer to help them navigate the course.

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Only by handling hundreds of car wrecks can an attorney provide the counsel and advice necessary to maximize a victim’s recovery. For nearly a decade, John Howie, Jr. has successfully advocated on behalf of those who have been injured or killed in car wrecks. Howie Law, PC has the knowledge, skills, and resources to fight insurance companies and their lawyers. Contact us and let us help you along the road to recovery.