Debt Collector Harassment

Debt Collector Harassment or Abuse

Not being able to pay a debt can be a frustrating, upsetting and even humiliating problem.  It can have a devastating impact on all aspects of a person’s life.  When a debt collector uses illegal, unfair, abusive, or harassing methods of debt collection, it magnifies the problem dramatically.  Some debt collectors will do whatever it takes to collect a debt, even if that means breaking the law.  This conduct is just plain wrong, and it must be stopped.

Protection From Debt Collector Harassment

Many consumers do not understand that there are both state and federal laws that protect them by regulating debt collectors, placing restrictions on what debt collectors can and cannot do while collecting a debt, and even forcing a debt collector to pay a penalty of up to $1,000 to a consumer should a debt collector break these laws.

For years, Howie Law, PC has fought for individuals who have suffered abusive, harassing, illegal, or unfair collection efforts by debt collectors.  If you believe a debt collector is abusing or harassing you, contact Howie Law, PC immediately to learn about your rights.

Howie Law, PC offers a free consultation to any consumer who is being abused, harassed, threatened, or intimidated by a debt collector.  We also invite you to visit our Consumer Rights Information or our Abusive Debt Collectors – Real Tactics Used to Collect section to learn more about your rights and about how to stop abusive or harassing debt collectors.  Do not allow yourself to be a victim of an abusive or harassing debt collector.  Stop the harassment!  Do not be intimidated!  Use the legal process to enforce your rights by suing abusive or harassing debt collectors.